Control Card - Autocut 控制卡

Control Card - Autocut 控制卡



The AutoCut WEDM Program-Control System is based on Windows XP operation system, consists of system software( CAD and CAM) that runs under the Windows OS, 5 axes motion control card that’s designed to fit in a single PCI slot of a PC (based on PCI bus), step-motor driver circuit board of high-reliability and power-saving (without fans), High-Frequency board with 0.5 microsecond. Use CAD to design the processing graphics according to the blueprint, and set the WEDM technics for the CAD graphics , generate 2D or 3D processing data, and then process the spare parts production. During the processing, the system can intelligent control the speed of motor and the parameters of pulse power etc. The processing mothed which is based on the graphic drive, is the dynamic integration of CAD and CAM in the WEDM field. The system has the operation functions which has auto-control of cutting speed, real-time show during the cutting, preview of processing etc. At the same time, it can provide complete protection of all kinds of emergency (out of power, system halted etc.) to avoid reject the workpiece.

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Product NameAutocut Control Card
产品名称Autocut 控制卡
Order CodeWC01-006-07
Version 版本V6.6 Program Control System
Working System 系统Based on Windows 7/XP for CNC EDM Machine
Packing Size 包装160 x 130 x 28mm
MOQ 最低量1pc
Stock 库存Ex-Stock
Weight 重量@490g/pc

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