L-COOL-01 CNC Machine Mineral Oil Based Water Soluble Cutting Coolant 20L

L-COOL-01 CNC Machine Mineral Oil Based Water Soluble Cutting Coolant 20L



L-COOL-01 CNC Machine Mineral Oil Based Water Soluble Cutting Coolant 20L

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Product Name: Cutting Coolant
Model: L-COOL-01
Capacity: 20L
Product Description:
- Is a mineral oil based water-soluble cutting coolant which is free from sodium nitrite, silicone oil, secondary amine and active sulfur. It is formulated with hydro-treated base oil, anti-rust package and performance additives that allow balance of lubrication effect, anti-corrosion and emulsion stability.
- Provides good wetting and cooling properties ensures accurate dimension control during the machining process. It is also provide excellent anti-corrosion for all common ferrous metals and Aluminum and its alloy.

Features and Benefits:
- Compatible with wide range of materials including cast iron, aluminum and steel.
- Effective in most operations such as grinding, sawing, drilling, milling and CNC turning by varying concentrations.
- Control the growth of bacteria which is a constant problem in soluble oil circulating systems due to outside contamination.
- Provide excellent rusting and corrosion protection for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
- Stable in hard water and leaves no sticky residue.
- Low odor and low foam.

- Is recommended for machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is specially designed for machining of aluminum and its alloy.
- Is designed for use in milling, turning, drilling, boring, sawing, threading, etc.
- Recommended concentration is 5% - 10% or higher.
- The concentration should be adjusted to fit different machining technologies.
- Always add L-COOL-01 to water to avoid forming sticky invert emulsions that do not emulsify properly in water.

Appearance – Concentrate Clear brown liquid
Appearance – Solution Milky white
Specific Gravity @ 20oC 0.911
Viscosity @ 40oC, mm2/s 60
pH value @ 6% Solution 9.65
Corrosion Protection @ 6% Solution 0 degree
Aluminum Corrosion Test @ 6% Emulsion Level 1

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